"Making important events in your life
even more fun and happy."

Our Service#01 Happy Stork Sharing as a couple the days
when it easy to get pregnant!

The stork tells the couple the days
when it is easy to get pregnant!
Without having to say anything he will
come home early on an important day.
This is an app that fulfills
a woman's wishes and supports
the plans of a couple to have a baby.

Our Service#02 280days Let's enjoy the pregnancy
even more!

All of the functions needed during pregnancy are in one app!
Share the conditions of the unborn baby
and Mommy's physical condition
between husband and wife.
It is an app that enables you to enjoy
making a record and diary of
the pregnancy together as a couple.

About us


"Making important events in your life
even more fun and happy."

amane factory inc. provides services to help you solve problems
and issues arising in important events in life such as marriage,
pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, entrance examinations and employment.

Company Profile

Company name
amane factory inc.
September 24, 2014
Yoshitake Saito
Business description
  1. Planning, production, sales, distribution, operation and management of websites, web contents, and other various services using the Internet.
  2. Planning, development, distribution, sales, maintenance, inspection and agency services for applications and software.
  3. Planning, editing, production, publication and sales of books, magazines and other printed materials and electronic publications.
  4. Graphic design and the planning, production and sales of computer graphics.
  5. Planning, manufacturing, sales and importing and exporting of various products.
  6. Mail order business.